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Technology should not be a driver of inequality

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We’re a startup in Columbia, SC. We wanted to fight back in this downtime of our economy. Therefore, we saw an opportunity: While social distancing brought about the shut down of schools and training centers. We came up with this COVID-19 idea arising from the lack of accessibility to classrooms in the nation. We decided to help the unemployed and curious minds host a classroom in their own homes. We needed to keep the students busy; especially those who cannot afford the training online. We created short term programs lasting at the most 12 weeks. Each1Teach1 tech delivers experiential learning through mass open online training (MooT) as a channel to bridge the gap between mentors and mentees in IT, engineering and computer science (software development). In order to address the state of software/hardware development and the direction, we must take to become dominant players in the space.

We have built an environment for video conferencing and chatting in private rooms. We will work really hard to add more useful resources into the world’ emaciated technology workforce. This is the best time to invest in a knowledge-based economy. We also feel that investing in human capital is the best way to alleviate the pains of humanity. In emerging markets alone the necessary skills are not there for the technology driving the world’ economy. We want to contribute in our own way by adding these underrepresented entities into the pool of useful talents needed to tackle the global problems.

The current technology is a driver of inequality. To assert any social equality we need to make sure the skills we acquired translates to solving technological problems of today. We are also aware that the market will have an influx in the direction of lower cost of production because of the rise in the needed skills in the west. Under-represented communities could certainly become regions noted for certain specialization based on their input in IT (software), Cybersecurity and Engineering if this is done right.

We hope this will certainly encourage the mature markets to take their manufacturing and software project to wherever the skills with the best prices for production exists.

Each1Teach1 started the CloudMovement as means of empowering the women and youths. We have developed a new pedagogy in this cooperative specialization: A common, distributive and collective learning by experience. By failing well to create opportunities for successful outcomes. The training is all hands-on: You can register by going to the home page.


Josiah Umezurike

Software Engineer

Samuel Iwuchukwu

Software Engineer
Software Engineer

Nahum Wosenu

Software Engineer

Our focus

We highlight on topics like:

Computer Hardware / Software



Cloud Concept


Cloud use cases for workforce

CISSP 8 Domains

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice


  • About Us

    While certifications and a college degree are not always adequate to a high-paying job right away, taking the hands-on training course for AWS in Josiah’s excellent online class will definitely correlate to a higher salary. Yes, Josiah’s class is absolutely worth it. The lack of having a hands-on cloud experience was identified online as the number one challenge with cloud adoption by 25% of corporations. I believe that because of the shortage of hands-on experience, by taking the time to continue and complete Josiah‘s wonderful hands on course is well worth the time and effort.

    Josiah you are awesome Thank you so very much

    Rolanda Jackson
  • About Us

    Hi, my name is Natalie, I’m a Junior Cloud Practitioner. I have just completed the iFact Cloud Practitioner Training. I came into this field with no prior training and was unsure what to expect. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed the course. Josiah is an amazing teacher who is very transparent and supportive. I enjoyed that a lot of the learning included hands on application of the theory we learned. It is important to fail well and making a mistake is an opportunity to find a solution.
    In addition to the cloud-based learning, there has been a lot of personal development on this course. One of the nicest surprises has been that I have gained family on this course – a Sister – Azieb that I am grateful for who not only helped me when I was struggling with a particular piece of learning but she has also opened me up to the discovery of coding as a gateway to language on a world scale. We discuss while studying, the many connections we have made between coding, the discovery of the inner self and life in general.
    I would encourage anyone to embark on this journey into a future world where our codes are written into it.

  • About Us

    አዜብ ገብረዊወት – My name is Azieb Gebrehiwet was born in Eritrea, went to high School and college in the USA, currently living in a small town in North West of Germany, with my husband and two children. I first heard about the IT Foundation and AWS Cloud Training when Josiah Johnson Umezurike came on ES’s Channel, and made an announcement about the program, that he wanted to offer to women and mother’s. His message spoke to me directly, so I immediately made contact.
    I started the class with very little skills or experience in IT. I felt quite intimidated and overwhelmed by what I was about to learn. Despite these feelings, I made a decision to stay on board. Even when I felt at times like giving up on the program, Josiah’s dedication, encouragement and powerful words were the best motivation to keep pushing. Also for meeting you all great ladies, but most of all, for Natalie I am so grateful for you, you have helped me to stay on board as well. You have been my sister-friend and always supportive.

    Azieb Gebrehiwet
  • About Us

    Hi, My name is Agatha. I reside in the state of North Carolina, USA. I joined Cloudmovement class in July,2020. So far my experience has been positive. The program has given me not only cloud computing skills but an overall I.T  knowledge. My favorite part of the program is certified information systems security professional (CISSP). I plan to further my knowledge in cyber security and security in the cloud. Much thanks goes to Josiah who is the founder of the program and my fellow classmates. As always “Girls rock in the cloud”.

  • About Us

    Hello, my name is Janell and I reside in Pennsylvania with my family. Technology has been my passion for the past 10 years. I am constantly expanding my knowledge with classes and currently building a computer with my son. I came across Josiah on YouTube channel (Eat, Love, Migrate) offering an IT foundation and AWS Cloud Training class that was geared towards women, I contacted him right away to sign up. When it comes to women in technology, we all know there is a gender gap. It was exciting to have someone with Josiah’s knowledge and IT experience willing to take time out of his busy schedule to teach the skills needed for us to succeed. I really enjoyed the dedication of Josiah and my fellow classmates meeting twice a week since July. We covered so many topics from IT foundation, Python and AWS Cloud. I plan to continue studying and take the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam thanks to the hands on experience in this class. Through this class, I connected with a group who were supportive and willing to help one another. I definitely recommend anyone with an interest in technology, specifically the Cloud to jump on board the CloudMovement!!

  • About Us

    The program has exposed me to many opportunities, and awareness. Being the fact that there are many more things to learn out there. In order to compete with others and to stand a better position in life. I’ll encourage people to develop and devote more into IT because it’s the future…..


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