Welcome to cloudmovement (iFACT)!

IT Foundation and AWS Cloud Training (iFACT) is our flag ship mass open online training. We started the first cohort on July 15th 2020.

This program takes you through the cores of IT. More so, it gives you the experience of someone who had been in IT and Cloud field for a long time because of the team membership spirit that we bring to the program.

The program does not waste time in bridging the technology gap for all the entrants and non experienced team members. As security expert and IT veteran I know what is needed to get up to speed in the field. Resultant we high light on topics like:

  1. Computer Hardware / Software
  2. Programming and/or coding –Python
  3. Networking
  4. CISSP 8 domains
  5. Virtualization
  6. Cloud concepts
  7. Cloud use cases for work force
  8. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF- C01

This is the home for the girls who rock in the cloud. Getting the team members to learn without fear of failure will be the focus to attaining greater height. The reason for creating this site is still a journey that could see no end. This project is geared towards our youths, girls, women and mothers. To empower youths and women in pursuit of a career in the IT, science and engineering. We intend to continue extending our arms to collaborators. We will continue administering the needed practical experience.