A growing effort to end police brutality at the hands of Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad is getting international attention.The movement of young people against police brutality needs as much support as it can get.

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The movement towards ending police brutality in Nigeria is gaining traction and attention. Here are ways you can join this movement and lend your voice.

Whether you are looking to provide flags for protesters or providing branded T-Shirts and facecaps to supplying facemasks, we have a room for you. Register Now as a Vendor


The movement for a new Nigeria can be very exhaustive and stressful, We want to make sure their is refreshment on ground to keep the protesters going. Join in as a caterer to arrange meals in your community


Getting people together is a herculean task, Getting them to fight for a noble task is even more difficult. Register as an Organizer and let our system handle your safety seamlessly.


"We are calling on all young men and women to be on the lookout during the peaceful demonstration. We are interested in your safety while you carry out your noble task. Register Now as a Volunteer security unit".

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