Why the movement?

CloudMovement is a vibrant movement to bring IT foundation and AWS cloud training (iFACT) to those who need it the most. In a time of injustice and instability. Technology for so long remained the driver of inequality. We hope to change that through communal training and teamwork. We believe that if we re-educate our youths and women in technology of the day, we will be able to take our place in the technology and usher a knowledge based economy:

There are many avenues by which science and technology play roles in our daily lives. Through this program we bring a pedagogy based on practical hands-on, team work and distributive brain prowess. All participants of this program are know as team members. Each has the right to present and teach any topic found in the guide or curriculum as long as they are comfortable with it.

In ‘CloudMovement’ we understand that you can fail well and make mistakes. Opportunities of failure might negative but they are healthiest ways to bring positive solutions.

We fail well and make mistakes to create positive opportunities for solving real life problems.

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